1. Background, Purpose and Objectives

The programme provides a framework for the deployment of aviation professionals, working as volunteers, to respond to emergencies affecting the aviation system in a State, to develop capabilities in the implementation of ICAO SARPs, and to foster self-reliance and growth. Volunteerism is universal and has been used as a powerful tool to make significant contributions to economic and social development. As with other volunteer programmes, volunteerism in the aviation sector seeks to accomplish the goal of bringing benefits to both the client States and the volunteers. The client States will benefit from the wealth of experience of the volunteer at a minimal cost or at no cost. The volunteer on the other hand will have the opportunity to maintain and possibly update his/her skills and make valuable contributions to the development of civil aviation. Activities under this programme are intended to complement other initiatives that address the challenges faced by some States in meeting their obligations under the Chicago Convention.

The ICAO Programme for Aviation Volunteers, in the immediate term will be part of a larger ICAO strategy for assisting States in addressing shortcomings identified during audits, in order to achieve high levels of effective implementation of ICAO SARPs. Assistance could also be provided in non-audit areas in response to requests from States, subject to availability of experts with the required skill sets.
Skilled and experienced volunteers will be engaged through ICAO to provide short term assistance to States in the performance of specified tasks related to their field of expertise, for a specific period of time.

2. Scope of Application

Short term assistance will be provided to States in the resolution of deficiencies in discharging their civil aviation oversight responsibilities. Volunteer assistance may also be provided during crisis and emergency situations which affect the civil aviation system of a State. Such assistance will be provided at the request of a State or a UN or other international agency on behalf of the State. ICAO will endeavour to match the identified needs with expertise available under the IPAV. Requests may include institution/capacity building activities, operational advice, assessing the needs of States in their civil aviation system, review or development of documentation, delivering workshops, seminars and non-certification on-the-job-training. Volunteers will not be deployed to execute licensing, certification, approval or surveillance duties.

Assignments will be of short duration normally not exceeding one month and may involve working from home, at ICAO Headquarters/Regional Offices or undertaking field missions. 

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