Professional and Higher Categories

Title Position level Job ID Job family Location Deadline
2018/43/P Internal Audit Specialist P4 2018/43/P Management and Administration Montreal 18/11/2018
2018/41/P 101666 Regional Director, WACAF D1 2018/41/P 101819 Management and Administration Dakar 04/12/2018
2018/42/P 101819 Executive Secretary, ECAC D1 2018/42/P 101819 Management and Administration Paris 04/12/2018
2018/40/P 111302 Strategic Planning Officer, TCB P3 2018/40/P 111302 Technical Cooperation Montreal 04/11/2018
2018/39/P 111180 Marketing Strategy Officer TCB P3 2018/39/P 111180 Technical Cooperation Montreal 04/11/2018
2018/36/P Aviation Security Technical Officer, ECAC P3 2018/36/P 101803 Aviation Security and Facilitation Paris 21/10/2018
2018/38/P Language Officer (Translator- Reviser), Spanish P4 2018/38/P 104870 Languages Montreal 21/10/2018
2018/37/P Procurement Officer TCB PRO P3 2018/37/P 110284 Technical Cooperation Montreal 17/10/2018