Prospective Posts

Title Position level Job ID Job family Country Deadline
189-16 Civil Aviation Human Resources Expert (Prospective Post) 189-16
LEG/ORG Expert (Prospective post)
Accident Investigation Expert (Prospective post)
Air Navigation Services Safety Expert /Project Coordinator (Prospective post)
189-5 Approvals of Maintenance Organizations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-5 Aircraft Incident/Accident Expert (Airworthiness) (Prospective Post)
189-5 Aircraft Maintenance Training Expert (Prospective Post)
189-9 Detection Technologies and AVSEC Equipment Expert (Prospective Post)
189-9 Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-9 eBorder Specialist (Immigration) (Prospective Post)
189-9 National Aviation Security (AVSEC) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-5 Continuing Airworthiness Inspector (Prospective Post)
189-8 Aviation English Proficiency Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Ground Handling Expert (Prospective Post)
189-3 Flight Safety Expert (Prospective Post)
189-2 CNS/ATM Implementation Planning/Training Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Airline Fleet Planning Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Airline Operations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Airline Management and Organization Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Cabin Safety Expert (Prospective Post)
189-13 Air Transport Regulatory Policy Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Fuel System Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Rescue and Fire Fighting Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Wildlife Management Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Mechanical Systems Expert (Baggage Handling, Boarding Bridges) (Prospective Post)
189-6 Aeronautical Meteorology (Instruments) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-8 Aviation Training Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 ATM Equipment Requirements Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 ATM Simulator Requirements Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 ATS Communications Specialist (Prospective Post)
189-4 ATS Incident and Accident Investigation Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Traffic Services Instructor OJT/Classroom/Simulator (Prospective Post)
189-4 Airspace Planning Expert (Prospective Post)
189-15 Civil Aviation Adviser (Prospective Post)
189-15 Director of Civil Aviation (Prospective Post)
189-16 Library Sciences Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Privatization / Ops / Commercialization Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Electro-Mechanical Engineer (Prospective Post)
189-14 Aviation Medicine Expert (Prospective Post)
189-7 Air Law Expert for Bilateral Agreements on Air Transp, (Prospective Post)
189-7 Air Law Expert For Development of Civil Aviation (Prospective Post)
189-13 Air Transport Economic Analysis Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Master Plan Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Mechanical Engineering Expert (Prospective Post)
189-3 Dangerous Goods Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Navigation Services (ANS) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Emergency Planning Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Environmental Planning Expert (Prospective Post)
189-2 CNS Systems Engineering Expert (Prospective Post)
189-2 CNS/Communications and Navigation Systems Expert (Prospective Post)
189-9 ePassport Specialist (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Architect (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Electrical Engineering Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Inspection / Certification Safety Management Systems (SMS) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport Operations/Management Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Fire and Rescue Training Officer (Prospective Post)
189-3 Flight Operations Inspector (from CAA/DGCA) (Prospective Post)
189-14 Personnel Licensing Expert (Prospective Post)
189-13 Airport Financial Operations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-13 National CAA Financial Operations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-12 Cargo Operations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-1 Computer IT Engineer Expert (Prospective Post)
189-3 Flight Operations Expert (Prospective Post)
189-3 Flight Procedures Design Expert (Prospective Post)
189-2 CNS/Surveillance Systems Expert (Prospective Post)
189-6 Aeronautical Meteorology Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 ATS Operational Safety Insp./ANS Certification Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Traffic Management (ATM) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-5 Aircraft Airworthiness/Certification Engineer (Prospective Post)
189-11 Aerodrome Engineer (Prospective Post)
189-2 CNS/Testing and Flight Calibration Expert (Prospective Post)
189-11 Airport and Engine Emissions Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Traffic Controller - Aerodrome Tower (Prospective Post)
189-4 Search and Rescue (SAR) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Traffic Controller - Approach Radar (Prospective Post)
189-4 Air Traffic Controller - Area/Route Radar (Prospective Post)
189-4 Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Expert (Prospective Post)
189-10 Procurement Expert (Prospective Post)
189-4 AIS/AIM Expert (Prospective Post)