Professional and Higher Categories

Title Position level Job ID Job family Location Deadline
2020/19/P 103973 P-2 Précis-writer,ACS, ADB P2 2020/19/P 103973 Management and Administration Montreal 22/03/2020
2020/18/P ICAO Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS) Liaison Officer P4 2020/18/P 111391 Aviation Safety Worldwide 22/03/2020
2020/17/P 110960 Associate Administrative Officer, PRES P2 2020/17/P 110960 Management and Administration Montreal 15/03/2020
2020/16/P 110312 P-4 Regional Officer, Technical Assistance, Air Transport, WACAF P4 2020/16/P 110312 Technical Cooperation Dakar 10/03/2020
2020/15/P 111187 P-4 Senior Technical Writer Editor, LP, ADB P4 2020/15/P 111187 Languages Montreal 08/03/2020
2020/03/P 103892 Director, Bureau of Administration and Services D2 2020/03/P 103892 Management and Administration Montreal 03/04/2020
2020/13/P 110779 P-3 Programme Implementation Officer, ANB-MO-OSU P3 2020/13/P 110779 Air Navigation Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/12/P 111115 P-4 Regional Officer, Safety Implementation, NACC P4 2020/12/P Aviation Safety Mexico 01/03/2020
2020/10/P 104646 P-4 Language Officer (Translator, Reviser), French, ADB-LP P4 2020/10/P 104646 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/09/P 104312 P4 Interpreter-Translator (Spanish)-ADB, LP P4 104312 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/07/P 110300 P-4 Language Officer (Translator, Reviser), Arabic P4 2020/07/P 110300 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/08/P 104309 P-4 Interpreter, Translator French, ADB-LP P4 2020/08/P 104309 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/11/P 104984 P-4 Language Officer (Translator, Reviser), Russian, ADB-LP P4 2020/11/P 104984 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/04/P Regional Director, Middle East Office D1 2020/04/P Aviation Safety Cairo 28/03/2020
2020/05/P 110453_101123 P-4 Regional Officer Aviation Security and Facilitation MID, (2 Posts) P4 2020/05/P 110453 -101123 Aviation Security and Facilitation Cairo 01/03/2020
2020/06/P 104250 P-4 Head Business Coordination and Support Unit, LP, ADB P4 2020/06/P 104250 Languages Montreal 01/03/2020
2020/02/P 111389 Head, Regular Programme (RP) Budget Unit, FIN (extended) P4 2020/02/P 111389 Financial Management Montreal 08/03/2020