Professional and Higher Categories

Title Position level Job ID Job family Location Deadline
2020/34/P 102208 P-3 Administrative Officer, ESAF P3 2020/34/P 102208 Management and Administration Nairobi 23/08/2020
2020/33/P 101917 P-3 Administrative Officer, APAC P3 2020/33/P/101917 Management and Administration Bangkok 23/08/2020
2020/35/P 101684 P-4 Regional Officer, Aerodromes and Ground Aids (RO/AGA), WACAF P4 2020/35/P 101684 Air Navigation Dakar 23/08/2020
2020/31/P 111398 D-1 Deputy Director, Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau D1 2020/31/P 111398 Legal Affairs Montreal 07/09/2020
2020/32/P 103998 D-1 Head, Strategic Planning, Coordination and Partnerships Office D1 2020/32/P 103998 Management and Administration Montreal 07/09/2020